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I'm using knockout.js and knockout-sortable, and I'm currently trying to get some default text inside of the sortable parent element if there are no elements in the array passed into the sortable binding.

This is related to this stackoverflow question, but different due to my requirement: I cannot have the text outside of the parent element. Meaning, this:

<div data-bind="if: pets().length > 0">These are the pets:</div>
<div data-bind="if: pets().length == 0">There aren't any pets. To add a pet...</div>
<div data-bind="foreach: pets">

... is not valid for me. The text needs to be contained inside of the foreach loop so it also functions as a drop area. I did take a look at the knockout-punches library but I haven't come up with a solution using it yet. I'm open to a pure knockout solution or a plugin.

My code currently looks like this:

<div class="my-drop" data-bind="foreach: { template: 'myTemplate', data: myContainerList}"></div>
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You can create a new binding or extend foreach to show something when the array is empty. Here's an example that extends foreach.

var origForeachUpdate = ko.bindingHandlers.foreach.update;
ko.bindingHandlers.foreach.update = function(element, valueAccessor) {
    var options = valueAccessor();
    if (options.defaultText) {
        var array = ko.unwrap(options.data);
        if (!array || !array.length) {
            element.innerText = options.defaultText;
        } else if (element.innerText == options.defaultText) {
            element.innerText = "";
    origForeachUpdate.apply(this, arguments);


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While this was the solution I accepted, I also created a gist detailing how I got it to work specifically with knockout-sortable. –  Seiyria Dec 6 '13 at 20:45

Use a virtual-element binding:

<span data-bind="if: pets().length > 0">These are the pets:</span>
<span data-bind="if: pets().length == 0">There aren't any pets. To add a pet...</span>
<!-- ko foreach: pets -->
<!-- /ko -->

Virtual bindings are the standard way to handle the case where you need a list that includes some fixed items as well as variable items.

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That doesn't quite work out, as I need the messages inside of where the foreach would be, as I stated in the question. If the messages are outside of the foreach loop, they can't function as a drop-zone for the sortable element that the loop creates. –  Seiyria Dec 5 '13 at 20:19
Show the code that the foreach generates. –  ebohlman Dec 5 '13 at 20:25
I'm not sure how that would help? It generates a copy of the template that isn't shown here, as it's just a lot of HTML/knockout. What I need to do is generate a default message when there are no elements in the observableArray backing that sortable call. –  Seiyria Dec 5 '13 at 20:30
The problem is that if pets is empty, foreach pets won't produce any output; that's just the way foreach works. Nobody can do anything more than guess unless we can see what you're actually generating (just strip it down to a simplified case that includes the sortable binding). –  ebohlman Dec 5 '13 at 20:40

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