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I am trying to convert this regular expressions from sublime text into one I can use in vim: (?<![>\w\d])(42|45|21)\s(?!days)

I would like to match 42, 45, and 21 where they are not immediately proceeded by a <, a word character, or a digit and are not followed by the word days.

In example, I want to find the 42 in this: This is a reference to chapter 42 in the book.

But not this: This is a reference to chapter <a href="#">42</a>.

Or this: This is a reference to chapter <a href="#">42 section 35</a>.

Or this: This book took 42 days to write.

I am fairly new to regular expressions in general and super new to vim, so please forgive me if this is a malformed regex to begin with.

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You have an extra ) at the end - is that the problem, or just copy/paste error? – Joe Dec 5 '13 at 19:49
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Got it

\([>]\)\@<!\<\(4[25]\|21\)\( days\)\@!


\v([>])@<!<(4[25]|21)( days)@!

As you can see, syntax for lookaround is different in vim and you have more than one mode for searching with regular expressions I generally use nomagic and very magic

Take some time to see the help of magic modes: :help /magic


Now it includes 45 and 21 too

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