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ahoy all,

i have a simple example that mixes float-span and grid-span mixins within the same grid context (i.e. the same number of columns in the same row)


as you can see, i have 3 items that i want to space out evenly in a row. i use float-span with first and last options on items 1 and 3 to make them sit at the beginning and end of the row respectively, and this works as expected. for the middle item, which i want centered, i assumed i could use grid-span with the correct location to have the 2nd item in the middle. however, what is happening is that the counting of location for grid-span is started after the column taken up by the first floated item. is this expected behavior? in other words, is it allowable to mix float-span and grid-span in the same grid context/row? and if not, what is the preferred way in Singularity for accomplishing the same thing?

i have been searching the documentation wiki, in particular the section on spanning the grid, but have found no statements either way. and the demos do not seem to be using float-span and grid-span together.

thanks as usual for Singularity and for any help.


PS. i have already tried using the isolation-span mixin in place of grid-span with the same results.

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It is not advisable to mix output styles like float and isolation in the same grid. You should pick either isolation or floats and stick with it.

Here is your sassbin tweaked a bit: http://sassbin.com/gist/7815953/

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thanks for confirming that. also, it was interesting to see that grid-span can accept 'last' for the $location parameter (i see that the end-row function handles that input). unfortunately 'first' is not valid as a '$location` for grid-span. is there a reason why? thanks again, Singularity is great to work with. –  waynedpj Dec 7 '13 at 15:15

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