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I am trying to do a join between two different databases. Each has separate usernames and passwords (no it is not possible to grant privileges). How can I connect to the second from the mysql terminal so that I can execute something similar to the following:

select * from db1.table1 a left join db2.table2 b on a.joincolname=b.joincolname;

I connected to the first database using the following from the command line:

mysql -u db1user -pdb1pass

and then connected to db1 using

use db1;

Let's assume that the usernames and passwords for db1 and db2 are db1user, db1pass, db2user and db2pass respectively. Thanks.

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Replication might be a solution. – Marcus Adams Dec 5 '13 at 20:24

You can't have multiple credentials applied to a SINGLE mysql connection. Whatever user you're connecting as will need the rights to access both databases.

The only way around this is to use a client-side script, with two separate connections, using the separate credentials, and then doing the joining in the client - which is highly inefficient.

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