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Used SSH Tunnel to route the traffic addressed to server1:port1 to server2:port2.

Now,the problem is that i want to redirect all TCP/IP packets from desktop addressed to server1:port1 to server2:port2.
using "hosts" file on windows, i mapped server1 ip as ipaddress of server2. [local DNS mapping]

http://server2:port2 //gives the desired page. http://server1:port2 //gives the desired page as server1 ip is mapped as that of server2 ip.

Is it possible to rewrite the destination port of all TCP/IP packets addressed to some host? [Transform destination port all TCP/IP packets with (destn ip as server1 and destn port as port1) to port2]
This is required as there is no direct access to server1 from the working desktop. I can't use the same port number on server2 as that of server1 as that port is already taken on server2.

Please share your comments on this.

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You can use iptables to rewrite the destination port either on the desktop machine or on an intermediate router.

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Thanks very much for pointing me to the right direction for this question. As iptables are not there on windows. used similar software "ipfilter1" – Naga Kiran Jan 14 '10 at 9:48

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