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I'm trying to understand exactly how to determine if a schedule is Conflict Serializable

Thank you in advance!

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We can determine whether a history is conflict-serializable by analyzing a graph derived from the history called a serialization graph.

Let H be a history over T = \{ T_1, T_2, \ldots, T_n \}. The serialization graph (SG) for H, denoted SG(H), is a directed graph whose nodes are the transactions in T that are committed in H and whose edges are all T_i \to T_j (i \neq j) such that one of T_i's operations precedes and conflicts with one of T_j's operations in H.

Each edge T_i \to T_j, in SC(H) means that at least one of T_i's operations precedes and conflicts with one of T_j's. This suggests that T_i should precede T_j in any serial history that is equivalent to H. If we can find a serial history, H_s, consistent with all edges in SG(H), then H_s is conflict-equivalent to H and so H is conflict-serializable. We can do this as long as SG(H) is acyclic.

Formally, we have the fundamental theorem of (conflict-)serializability theory:

A history H is conflict-serializable if and only if SG(H) is acyclic.

Note: For the details, please refer to Page 33 in Chapter 2 of Philip A. Bernstein et al..

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