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The flat-rate shipping cost for an order is $50.00 for customers residing in Alaska and $60 for customers residing in Hawaii; for all other states it is $30.00. Customers also have the option for expedited shipping which is $120 irrespective of the state to which it is delivered.

that what I make :

if (expedited.isSelected()) {

if (state.getSelectedItem() == "AK ") {

if (state.getSelectedItem() == "HI ") {
} else {
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You haven't explained what problem you're having with the code you've posted. In what way is it not working the way you'd expect? – Ken White Dec 5 '13 at 23:52
"AK","HI" doesnt work , even if I choose them the shippingCost = 30 ! – user3071920 Dec 6 '13 at 0:14
decimal CalculateShippingCost(bool expedited, string state)
    if (expedited)
        return 120;
    if (state == "AK ")
        return 50;
    if (state == "HI ")
        return 60;
    return 30;
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