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I want all the features of file.renameTo in java but without the source file getting deleted. For eg: Say I have a file report.doc and I want to create the file report.xml without report.doc getting deleted. Also, the contents of both the files should be the same. (A simple copy) How do I go about doing this?

I know this might be trivial but some basic searching didn't help.

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For filesystem operations Apache Commons IO provides useful shortcuts.


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You can create a new File with the same content of the original.
Use the java NIO (Java 1.4 or later) for that:

private static void copy(File source, File destination) throws IOException {
    long length = source.length();
    FileChannel input = new FileInputStream(source).getChannel();
    try {
        FileChannel output = new FileOutputStream(destination).getChannel();
        try {
            for (long position = 0; position < length; ) {
                position += input.transferTo(position, length-position, output);
        } finally {
    } finally {

see the answers for this question for more

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