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I did something stupid and double clicked a db instead of the copy i made for read only testing. My app was running pulling data from remote servers for about 1.5 hrs. An exception occurred and it was because i opened the db which prevented the app from writing to it. If my code was more complete i wouldnt care and i would resume but its a work in progress and i would lose the 1.5hrs.

I couldnt figure this out. In visual studios how do i stop an exception in its track and not have the stack unwind to the catch block? This was a ASP.NET project. In any project if this was not caught i could simply set the running position and resume the code in any part of the function (which is what i want). However this was caught and i couldnt figure out how to not make it unwind so how do i set the executing code position within the function instead of unwinding?

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