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I have the following JSON variable:

var jsonObj= { "ClassA": { "A": "111", "B": "222", "C": "333", "D": "444", "E": "555", "F": "666", "G": "777" }, "ClassB": { "A":"22","B":"33","C":"44","D":"55","E":"66","F":"77","G":"AAA" }};

How do I get the class A value for key A ?

I am writing a function to allow for me to get these, something like:

function getDisplayValue(turnOverBracketCategory, classTypeAorB) {
    if(classTypeAorB == "A") {
        return jsonObj.ClassA[turnOverBracketCategory];
    } else {
        return jsonObj["ClassB"].key[turnOverBracketCategory];

Where turnOverBracketCategory is the key ("A", "B", etc.) and the classTypeAorB defines if using "ClassA" or "ClassB".

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How about just jsonObj['Class'+classTypeAorB][turnOverBracketCategory], then no need for the if statement. –  greim Dec 5 '13 at 23:35

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You can access ClassA + A doing this:


will return 111

You can get the keys like this

    Object.keys( jsonObj.ClassA );

will return "A","B"....

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Does not seem to be working for me! –  user2091936 Dec 5 '13 at 23:43

Thanks! Not exactly what I wanted, but good to know that I can also access the key. Althouh, what I am looking for is the value...

I already had the answer, the issue was that the variable was not being correctly populated.


To get the value I would do the following



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