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I'm trying to use the following line in my controller to capture all tasks due less than a week from the current date:

@due_this_week = current_user.tasks.where(due_date:

For some reason it's not finding any results even I know I have tasks due within four and six days. This is the only instance variable using a range query. I have another one that works fine to find overdue tasks:

@overdue = current_user.tasks.where("due_date <= ?",

What am I missing?

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Should be:

@due_this_week = current_user.tasks.where(due_date:
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How does that match "all tasks due less than a week from the current date"? –  mu is too short Dec 6 '13 at 0:44
OP made a mistake, sorry. –  NARKOZ Dec 6 '13 at 0:58
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Turns out my controller somehow wasn't set up correctly and was no longer saving the current_user's ID when creating new assignments, which is why they weren't being found. I figured this out using the rails console and running a find on the last few assignments submitted. The user_id was set to nil. Thanks for the assist @mu is too short.

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