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I have an issue, I need to get the username of the person who is opening a certain pdf file. I found this code yesterday but it always gives me "runtime error 5" and when i debug it, it will highlight this line "MyLastUser = MyMatches(0)".

Please help me to solve this error or do you have any other code than this.

and just to inform you, I'm not really familiar with vba.

Thank you.

Code as seen below:-

Sub GetLastUser()
    Dim MyFile As String            ' File name
    Dim MyRegExp As Object
    Dim MyLastUser                  ' last user name
    Dim LastUserLen As Integer      ' character 5 name length
    Dim FileString As String        ' file converted to a string in memory
    Dim MyMatches As Variant        ' RegExp array of matches (should only be 1)
    Dim MyLastSaved As String       ' "Last saved by" from properties
    ChDrive "L:\"
    MyFile = Application.GetOpenFilename("Excel Workbook (*.xlsx), *.xlsx")
    If MyFile = "False" Then End
    Open MyFile For Binary Access Read Shared As #1
        FileString = Space(LOF(1))
        Get 1, 1, FileString
    Close #1
    Set MyRegExp = CreateObject("VbScript.RegExp")
    With MyRegExp
        .Global = True
        .Pattern = "\\\x00p\x00.\x00\x00.{50}"      ' 57 characters should be enough
        Set MyMatches = .Execute(FileString)        ' zero based array
        '- DISPLAY RESULTS (should only be 1 match = Matches(0))
        '- check only 1
     '   If MyMatches.Count <> 1 Then
           ' MsgBox ("Found " & MyMatches.Count & " matches" & vbCr _
            '        & "Only showing first one.")
      '  End If
        '- exclude first 7 characters & trailing spaces
        MyLastUser = MyMatches(0)                       ' 57 characters found
        LastUserLen = Asc(Mid(MyLastUser, 5, 1))        ' length of name
        MyLastUser = Mid(MyLastUser, 8, LastUserLen)    ' extract name
        '- Message
        rsp = MsgBox(MyFile & vbCr & "Last user : " & MyLastUser)
        FileString = ""
    End With
End Sub
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1 Answer 1

Environ$("username") will return the current username

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thanks but how do i put it in vba? n how do i tell vba which pdf file i want to check. – user3072534 Dec 9 '13 at 0:44
vba is not useable in a pdf. How is the pdf being opened? is it just straight through explorer? If so seems like you might have to actually set up a db backend and use javascript or action script which are supported by pdf. otherwise please explain further how this process is occuring? – engineersmnky Dec 9 '13 at 19:33

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