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I found a couple of websites which somehow collect App store price changes, updates, etc. My question is - where does websites like:

  1. 148apps.com
  2. appdropp.com
  3. etc.

get their info? I signed up as Apple affiliate and found that I can request apps info using the search or lookup APIs. But I can't send thousands of requests to check all apps day by day, it seems to be a huge task.

Is there any other available option to get this info?

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This question is relevant for here, please ask in Apple store. –  Vineesh TP Mar 31 at 8:24

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They may be using this, http://www.apple.com/itunes/affiliates/resources/documentation/enterprise-partner-feed-flat.html

It looks like it would provide what you're looking.

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They are using EPF feed, provided by Apple. You can check their Python tool to import feed to database.

You can also take a look on websites like: http://www.apptweak.com, or http://www.appsocean.com

If you know PHP (for example), you can write a simple spider to grab price drops and updates. Just read more about PHP CURL library.

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