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I am connecting to a REST service. It's QuickBlox, to be specific, but it should not matter other than that the REST API is defined like a SQL query (but notably minus the joins) and I can do CRUD on it.

QuickBlox provides iOS SDK, which gives me an interface to construct the REST query with a callback.

In my program I want objects like User, UserResourceTable, Card, for example. (It's not exactly like this as User resides in a special QuickBlox module, but for the sake of the question it's OK to ignore this.)

I have constructed something I think is similar to the ActiveRecord pattern (I hope). So in my User class I have CRUD methods, and Card class also. And these CRUD have callbacks (or rather, Objective-C blocks which are closures).

Originally I have "read" as class method (like a Java static method), since before calling read there is nothing about the object that's read so I thought I would provide a static factory method on the aforementioned classes.

UserResourceTable is not directly expose to whoever uses the User class. It's created when User is created and read when User is read.

Now this all went OK until I started to think about unit-testing. I end up deciding to do dependency injection (DI), then I want UserResourceTable to be injected into User. But it now seems difficult to do DI while read is a class method/static method and I now think I want read to be an instance method. (Especially there is no static variable in Objective-C and even if I can use static variable in the file to kind of use it I wouldn't know when to inject it. It just smell bad to me.)

Now read would be something like this (pseudo code):

User user = User(); // user just so we can call read()
User userFetched =;

A few questions:

  1. Is it a good idea to have read as an instance method?
  2. Is ActiveRecord suitable for my situation? Perhaps a better model?
  3. Right now the User, UserResourceTable, and Card all directly uses QuickBlox sdk (or rather, via a thin wrapper). And I intend to inject UserResourceTable into User. I also like to inject Quickblox's interface (or the thin wrapper) into User, UserResourceTable, and Card. I would have some factories to do this. Does that sound any good?
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Giving it a quick glance, the may make more sense as a static method than a method call. The top User user = User() is a little bogus because you really don't have a "user" yet. – seand Dec 6 '13 at 4:55
@seand That was what I was thinking, but then it makes dependency injection pretty difficult if not impossible. – huggie Dec 6 '13 at 6:46

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