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I am developing an application using Windows Mobile 5.0, under embedded VC++ 4.0, and using the emulator for debugging. I need to copy some files onto the emulator and planned on using the option to map a directory to the emulator storage card. Problem is, this option is greyed out when I run the emulator. From the emulator help i get

'On the Emulator, run a Windows CE OS that supports the ability to connect to a directory on the development workstation. '

How do I accomplish this? I have seen the command line option /sharedfolder but can't get at this from platform manager under EVC++ 4.0. All comments welcome.

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I have the WinMo 5.0 SDK installed on Visual Studio 2005 and the option to map a directory works fine for me. I'd guess it's an issue related to eVC, which is pretty old by now. My recommendation is to try VS 2005 or 2008, there's a free 90-day trial you can download from microsoft:


Also, I'd note that VS is way better than eVC in many aspects. I used eVC and them moved to VS 2005, many "heavy templates" I had which wouldn't compile in eVC were compiled OK in VS 2005.

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