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I have implemented AJAX for calling server side function using client side function call i.e Calling server side function using javascript tag by using PageMethod in javascript.

I have few question regarding the same implementation.

      function OnBlurCall()
        chk(ControlId, SpanMsgId, FunctionName)// where all these parameters are obtained from programmer.

   function chk(ControlId,SpanMsgId, FunctionName)
     PageMethods.FunctionName(ControlId.value,onSuccess,onFail,SpanMsgId); // I want to replace actual value of FunctionName i.e Something given below

   function onSuccess(result,MsgId,methodname)

    function onFail(error,MsgId,methodname)

Ques 1. How many parameters can i add to this function. Is it there some limit that i can send only 3 parameters. Please give some details how it is working.

Ques 2. I want to make above code reusabe in javascript such that I add all the 3 functions in master page. But the problem is that i can add two functions into javascript at this time. But for adding 3rd function i have to send function name also as a parameter.


This FunctionName will be the name of server side function that a developer want to call. Can i do this. ?

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You can generically check for arguments; while in the function method, the arguments array has a list of all the arguments for that method. Check this out:

To invoke dynamically, you could consider using the WebServiceProxy:

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