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When I try to sqoop import (Datastax 3.2.0) from DB2 database using the below command:

./dse sqoop import --connect jdbc:db2:// --username tst -P --table tstschema."dsn_filter_table" --cassandra-keyspace SqoopTest --cassandra-column-family actest2 --cassandra-row-key PREDNO --cassandra-thrift-host --cassandra-create-schema --split-by PREDNO

[ DB2 Select query: select * from SchemaName.TableName with ur; ]

Why I am not getting the schema in proper format as it is in DB2?

Issue Faced: Why Column Names of DB2 table are getting into rows of Cassandra?

Request your help to resolve the issue.

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I'm not familiar with the Datastax version of Sqoop, but generally the parameter --table can't be used to also specify a schema name. You can specify the schema in the JDBC URL using currentSchema property. For example

sqoop import --connect jdbc:db2://host/db:currentSchema=tstschema
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