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We have primary database instance and its database is replicated to secondary database instances via LOGSHIPPING method, where transaction log backup is taken every 1 min, and copied to secondary server and instantaneously applied in secondary instances . Then how to calculate current RPO for a particular database?
RPO : Recovery Point Objective

Current RPO(hh:mm:ss) = Time(latest log restored at sec. server) - time(latest backup log generated at primary site)
here log file is transaction log file(.trn)

Is this equation right??

PS: We cannot afford to lose any data hence the backup frequency is set to 1 min. , it put a lot of strain(processing power and memory crunch) on the system as backup, copy and restore job run every 1 min.
But is it advisable to keep the frequency that low?
We are using SQL server 2008..

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The Wikipedia article is probably relevant to you. –  Benny Hill Dec 6 '13 at 17:54

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