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I am using Mock for Python Unit Testing. I am testing a function foo which contains a function bar that doesn't return anything, but fills a variable x (type:io.StringIO) as a side effect. I have mocked bar using MagicMock, but I don't know how to assign to x from a test script.

I have the following situation:

def foo():
    x = io.StringIO()
    bar(x)                 # x is filled with some string by bar method
    here some operation on x

To write a Unit Test case for foo, I have mocked bar with MagicMock (return value=None) but how to assign to x which is needed by foo.

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Can you be more clearer of what you want? –  Andy Dec 6 '13 at 8:31
Is the variable passed to the nested function, or is it just relying on the closure? –  Daniel Roseman Dec 6 '13 at 9:09

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You need to mock io.StringIO and you can then replace it with something else:

def test_foo(self, mock_stringio):
    mock_stringio.return_value = mock.Mock()

Note the use of return_value which means you're mocking the instance that's returned from the StringIO() call.

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