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I’m working on a linkification script in jQuery which sole purpose is to take all the URLs in a textarea and change it to clickable links, in other words, to wrap a a href tag around them.

The script that I’m using actually works fine but the problem starts when a link is added the “correct” HTML way, with the a href tag around them.
Please go to the jsFiddle link to see my script in action.

For example, if I write this in my textarea: <a href=“”></a> it become: <a href="<a href='' target=‘_blank'></a></a> which of cause does not work and mess everything up.

How do I apply the linkification only on the parts (http:// and www.) and NOT those cases where the link is already wrapped in a a href tag?

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See this:

Basically it parse out the text between tags(but not between <a>) firstly, and then replace the txt with link regex patterns.

function replaceTxtNotInA(html, regex, replace) {

    //just to make the txt parse easily, without (start) or (ends) issue
    html = '>' + html + '<';

    //parse txt between > and < but not follow with</a
    html = html.replace(/>([^<>]+)(?!<\/a)</g, function(match, txt) {

        //now replace the txt
        return '>' + txt.replace(regex, replace) + '<';

    //remove the head > and tail <
    return html.substring(1, html.length - 1);

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Hi Andrew. It works beautiful, thank you so much for getting me on the right track again :-) –  Mestika Dec 9 '13 at 13:29

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