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so I'm already having a working MAPI application that extracts the following properties from an email mesage in my inbox:


The values of those constants are defined in a file called MAPITags.h.

I would like to also get the UID of the email message but I can't find any property in MAPITags.h that matches an UID.

How do I get the UID of the email messages?

EDIT : If such an UID does not exist for mail, can I get at least an ID that is unique in the corresponding message store? Like an ID that increments for every new received email?

I tried to use the property PR_ENTRYID but it has the same value for every retrieved row.

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PR_ENTRYID will be unique for each message, at least for each message in a store. Please show your code - there must be a problem with how you retrieve PR_ENTRYID.

You can also have PR_INTERNET_MESSAGE_ID (not guaranteed to be set on every message) - take a look at existing messages using OutlookSpy (click IMessage button).

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I'm using the source provided my microsoft: support.microsoft.com/kb/239795/de . We already found a bulletproof way of generating our own UID so I no longer depend on the value in PR_ENTRYID which always had the value 24. – Markus Dec 9 '13 at 10:57
Do you mean the length of the entry id was 24? Entry id cannot be just the number 24. Entry id length is always greater than 20 bytes. It cannot be less than that. – Dmitry Streblechenko Dec 10 '13 at 13:55

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