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how to purchase a featureId with quantity? (consumable product)

for example there are three level coins unit:

[handofcoins=98coins] , [basketofcoins=498coins] , [bagofcoins=1998coins]

com.domain.xxx.bagofcoins X 1

com.domain.xxx.bagofcoins X 2

com.domain.xxx.bagofcoins X 3

com.domain.xxx.bagofcoins X ...

com.domain.xxx.bagofcoins X 10

// there are only three feature ids, so how to buy 10 com.domain.xxx.bagofcoins?

[[MKStoreManager sharedManager] buyFeature:kFeatureAId 
                                onComplete:^(NSString* purchasedFeature, 
                                             NSData* purchasedReceipt, 
                                             NSArray* availableDownloads)
     NSLog(@"Purchased: %@", purchasedFeature);
     NSLog(@"User Cancelled Transaction");
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Maybe just create product with price for 10 coins, named like 10 coins, workaround like 10 coins. –  Evgeniy S Dec 6 '13 at 10:11
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