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We've written an Outlook addin that set's a couple of custom properties on a mail item via PropertyAccessor. Like this:

mail.PropertyAccessor.SetProperty(name, value);

This mail (eml file) is send to another program which needs to read the properties and take action based on those properties. The thing is that we don't know exactly which properties are going to be set. How can we iterate through the custom properties within PropertyAccessor?

In the meantime we are using UserProperties to iterate through the properties but UserProperties have one disadvantage, they are printed above the mail message when the email is printed.

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I don't think this makes much sense - you are not gong to have thousands of properties, are you?
If a property may or may not be there, just check if it exists.
Another problem with named properties is that it is a finite resource - you can at most have 64k different named properties in a store. It would be a better idea to use fewer named properties, but make them hold several values.
Can you give an example why you need a large number of named properties?

As for the user properties being printed, on the MAPI level, you can set a special flag in the user properties blob that turns printable on or off. If using Redemption is an option, RDOUserProperty object exposes Printable property.

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