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I am newbie to UNIX. I have had a decent experience with Linux but had to shift to UNIX. I am unable to type a C code in OpenBSD 4.6 in vi or mg editor or for that matter anywhere in the console because the '<' key or '(' key does not work. After a lot of research i found that there is a command called 'kbd' which can be set to use the required character set. But the keyboard encoding options are not clear. It will be a lot of help if somebody suggests what steps can be taken.

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Not sure if this was still true back in 4.6, but I'm going to guess it was: you set the keyboard mapping in /etc/wsconsctl.conf. Make sure you read man wsconsctl also.

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PS: OpenBSD 4.6 is way way too old to be supported or even recommended. If you are afraid of newer versions being somehow bloated, rest assured that they aren't. I have 5.4 running on a Pentium II @ 300MHz with 128Mb RAM. No firefox, no heavy compiling, but works great for email or as an SSH client. – Zé Loff Dec 24 '13 at 0:49

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