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I've a project written in VB 6.0 that use a 'third party' OCX controls. I used VS2008 Upgrade Wizard to upgrade the project to .NET platform. When I try to build a project, I've a problem with OCX events. For example, a source event like this:

Event DataIn(MessageType As Integer, MessageSubType As Integer, MessageData As String, Checksum As Integer, SourceAddress As String)

and VB 6.0 call without problem. Unfortunatelly, the same event in VB.NET transformed to:

Private Sub ICMPPort_DataIn(ByVal eventSender As System.Object, ByVal eventArgs As AxICMPPORTLib._IICMPPortEvents_DataInEvent) Handles ICMPPort.DataIn

Compilator show errors, because a variables hasn't passed to procedure body, such as SourceAddress variable. How to resolve this problem?

Regards: Nikodem

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