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I have built a chrome extension which require data from a configuration file. I achieved it through NPAPI plugin but now I have to use PPAPI since Chrome is going to discontinue it Jan, 2014 onwards. Is it possible to load a file in PPAPI. If not, How to do this task through PPAPI?

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For security reasons, you can't load general files from the disk. If you want to store some data on disk, you can use the PPAPI File I/O routines to read and write from files in the domain-isolated filesystem Chrome maintains (shared with the HTML5 filesystem APIs).

Sadly, this will be more complicated than the simple C++ file I/O routines you're probably used to. I believe there should be some examples of doing file I/O in the Native Client SDK.

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Yes, I found this afterwards but now I have found a better and easy way to do this via native messaging. – Akhil Sep 11 '14 at 14:53

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