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I have 2 models, Post and Location, where location has_many posts and post belongs_to location. The search works fine, and the pagination works fine too except the total_entries. It shows more than 10 entries in the result

View search.html:

<%= form_tag search_posts_path, :method => 'get' do %>
        <%= text_field_tag :title, params[:title] %>
        <%= text_field_tag :company, params[:company] %>
        <%= select_tag :location_id, options_from_collection_for_select(Location.all, :id, :name, params[:location_id]), include_blank: true %>
        <%= submit_tag "Search", :name => nil %>
<% end %>

Controller post_controller.rb:

  def search
    title = params[:title]
    company = params[:company]
    location_id = params[:location_id]
    @posts = Post.search(title, company, location_id)

Model Post.rb

def self.search(title, company, location_id)
    if location_id.present?

        paginate :conditions => ['title LIKE ? AND company LIKE ? AND location_id = ?', "%#{title}%", "%#{company}%", location_id],
                        :per_page => 20,
                        :order => 'created_at DESC',
                        :page => @page,
                        :total_entries => 10


        paginate :conditions => ['title LIKE ? AND company LIKE ?', "%#{title}%", "%#{company}%"],
                        :per_page => 20,
                        :order => 'created_at DESC',
                        :page => @page,
                        :total_entries => 10                
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The parameter :per_page defines entries count on each page. :total_entries is entries count that fetching from db in total.

I mean :per_page can't be larger than :total_entries

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Thanks bro! It works! –  Ng Yat Ping Dec 6 '13 at 16:00
When I click to page 2, the url shows: .../search?company=&location_id=&page=2&title=&utf8=%E2%9C%93 ,and the page show page 1 result...why this happen? –  Ng Yat Ping Dec 7 '13 at 14:24
I think the problem is in this place: :page => @page . Where the variable @page from ? You probably should send this variable when you call the search method of Post class. –  chumakoff Dec 7 '13 at 15:13
In the model: def self.search(title, company, location_id, page) ... :page => page, ... end. In the controller: def search ... page = params[:page]; @posts = Post.search(title, company, location_id, page); end –  chumakoff Dec 7 '13 at 15:17
Thanks man! Also one more thing to ask, I want to limit the number of search results shown. My code has .last(200) in the condition, but seems not working as it stills shows all results. –  Ng Yat Ping Dec 7 '13 at 17:17

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