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I have an eclipse setup with e few C/C++ projects in it, all as manual makefile projects


  • main1
  • main2
  • common

I setup main1 to depend on common. So when I build main1 eclipse will automaticallu build Common also, so far so good.

But in all of the projects makefiles i have several targets, ('elf' and 'doxy' as example). And i can tell eclipse what is the default target, which by default is 'all'.

Now to my problem, if I build the 'doxy' target on main1, eclipse insist on building dependent projects with the default target, so common is build with 'all' and not 'doxy'.

Is there a, not too hackisch, way to convince eclipse that when I call make doxyon main1 it should also call make doxy on common and not make all. And if i call make elf on main1, it must call make elf on common also etc.

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