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I have been looking into using Boost.Interprocess to create a disk-backed data structure. The examples on Boost Documentation ( are all for using shared memory even though they mention that memory mapped files can also be used. I am wondering whether anyone here has used memory mapped files? Any publicly available code samples to get started (say, a memory mapped file backed map or set)?

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You might take look at stldb project that's being actively discussed on boost mail list. It tries to build an ACID database on top of boost::interprocess.

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Thanks for the pointer Nikolai! I haven't heard of stldb (though have worked with stxxl in the past); I checked out the code and had a peripheral look it seems they do use memory mapped files to back data structures. Need to explore more before I can be definite about this. – kvs Jan 11 '10 at 15:39

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