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Can you suggest an e-commerce software that runs out of the box with Ms Navision 2009?

Commercial options are welcome.

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Good day to you.

It is hard to find a solution provider who knows ecommerce and Nav as well at the same time. If a provider knows ecommerce the NAV skills lack and if you find a skilled NAV partner the e-Commerce skills are yet to be up to the mark, making your work even more tedious.

Well we at Digital Vantage Point provide truly integrated e-Commerce solution NAV-TO-NET exclusive for Dynamics NAV. Since inception, our focus has been on e-Commerce for NAV. We have a team of 7 NAV functional/technical consultants and over 10 e-commerce specialist programmers and web developers, the rest are graphic designers, quality assurance, project managers and support managers. This is a unique mix of expertise in NAV as well as e-Commerce with one single solution provider.

Nav-to-Net e-commerce product is 100% managed within NAV. Yes! There is nothing administered outside NAV to manage and run your e-Commerce shop. No offline bridging/synchronizations etc. Our solution resides within NAV and makes web content management easy with a financial system NAV with extensive catalogue, category and product management features.

The ROI is extensive cost control on training (owing to NAV know-how and since Nav-to-Net does not add as another add-on layer on NAV and your IT team), web maintenance, data redundancy and most importantly operation efficiency.

Moreover, we have a unique feature called "ALWAYS TAKE ORDERS" or ATO, which allows the web store to run smoothly even if NAV is down for some unforeseen reason. The website will continue to show the vital pricing, inventory details and take orders during NAV downtime and when NAV is back up & running, Nav-to-Net will push those orders to NAV. Thus, providing an enjoyable customer experience and literally making business sense !

Feel free to send me an email at girish(at)dvp(dot)net. I will provide you detailed information (brochure, feature guide, product videos) and would like to run a LIVE Demo of our solution for you.

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Thanks for the reply Girish. We had a look at your product. Unfortunately, since I posted this question, there has been a change in plans and this project has stalled. Thanks anyway! – A.Ali Jan 28 '10 at 11:19

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