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With PHP CodeSniffer and an SVN pre-commit hook it's possible to prevent committing of code-style-invalid code.

PHP CodeSniffer knows two "error levels": ERROR and WARNING. And there are more hooks, than just the pre-commit hook, e.g. the post-commit hook.

Now I want to implement folowing scenario:

The pre-commit hook processes the PHP CS script and stops the commit, (but only) if an ERROR is found. If no ERRORs have been found, the post-commit checks the code again (or maybe just get the information from the PHP CS code check of the pre-commit hook) and shows the WARNINGs.

So I want to "canalize" the PHP CodeSniffer ERRORs to the pre-commit hook and the PHP CodeSniffer WARNINGs to the post-commit SVN hook? Is it possible? How to implement this?

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