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im using Backbone.js to manage models and collections in my app. So, i have a "Usuario" model that match with a user entity in the database. This is the code:

var Usuario = Backbone.Model.extend({
      idusuario: 'undefined',
      apellido: 'undefined',
      nombre: 'undefined',
      dni: 'undefined',
      dom_usuario: 'undefined',
      nombreusuario: 'undefined',
      activo: 'undefined',
      bloqueado: 'undefined',
      recomendar_cambio_clave: 'undefined',
      isChecked: false

All fields of the model are in the entity user, except "isChecked".The isChecked attribute, will be true when the user model is checcked. But when i query by "isChecked" js not recognize the variable:

Horacio José

Any ideas ?.

UPDATE 1 It is a extract of my code, where load the collection (of Usuario) via Ajax:

var anUrl = $("#ajax-call").val();
var myCol = new CustomCollection({
    model: Usuario,
    filterAttribute: 'apellido'

myCol.fetch({async: false, url: anUrl});

When, show in console the collection, the models not contains "isChecked" property: enter image description here

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With the details you've provided it's hard to know if the error is in your view's initialization or anything else. Using this fiddle you can see your example works perfectly. I created a view in that fiddle trying to mimic your scenario.

However, don't confuse 'undefined' or "undefined" with undefined. "undefined" == undefined and "undefined" === undefined are both false.

So, your model should be:

var Usuario = Backbone.Model.extend({
   defaults : {
      idusuario : undefined,
      apellido : undefined,
      nombre : undefined,
      dni : undefined,
      dom_usuario : undefined,
      nombreusuario : undefined,
      activo : undefined,
      bloqueado : undefined,
      recomendar_cambio_clave : undefined,
      isChecked : false

And then:

var u = new Usuario();

Should give your expected result.

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Thanks for explanation of "undefined" value !. So, the model is loaded by Ajax, and the json returned from the server not have the "isChecked"...is it important ?. –  ramiromd Dec 7 '13 at 18:23
It's no problem that isChecked doesn't come with the info from the server. Values in the defaults object are copied to the new object when it's initialized. That means that, by extension, if you have an array in the defaults object, new objects will copy the reference to the array (and not create a copy of the array). So be careful not to put arrays or objects in there :D –  Meta Dec 8 '13 at 22:33

I solve mi problem. I create dynamically the property "isChecked", querying is the value is defined or not:

toggleModel: function(){
    var current = this.model.get('isChecked');
    var status =  current === undefined ? true : !current; 

Thanks @Meta for the reply.

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Glad I could help :) –  Meta Dec 8 '13 at 1:06

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