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<table class="table table-hover">
        <th> Kategoriler </th>
    <tbody data-bind="foreach:categories">
          <input type="checkbox" class="tooltips" data-bind="value: name" data-bind="checked: categoriesToSend" />
        <td data-bind="text:name"></td>

This is my table that content checkboxex. I want to get values from this checkboxes and insert this values to an observable array how can i do this?

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In this case, you would want to do something like:

<input type="checkbox" data-bind="attr: { value: name }, checked: $parent.categoriesToSend" />

So, you want to:

  • use a single data-bind attribute
  • do a one-way binding for the value attribute using the attr binding
  • use the checked binding against categoriesToSend which lives on the parent (not on the category itself), so it can be referenced using $parent.categoriesToSend

Here is a sample in jsFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/rniemeyer/Vf5LA/

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