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Can I add custom model attribute titles, so forms could automatically render them instead of "prettied" column name?

For example I apply some method in my model, which defines attribute title:

imaginary_method_which_defines_attribute_title :description, "Aprašymas"

So I do not need to write title in every form label helper:

<%= f.label :description, "Aprašymas" %>

And form helper automatically uses attribute title which I declared in model:

<%= f.label :description %>


<label for="foomodel_description">Aprašymas</label>
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Sounds like what you're really looking for internationalization.

Check out Rails Internationalization.

As with most things in Rails, it's a pleasure :)

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Thanks, I18n just popped in my mind after I've posted this question :D Telepathy... –  sharas Jan 11 '10 at 15:52

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