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I am developing a small application which lists the contents from files of a given format. The file format acts as a template for describing binary data (think binary xml). This allows the clients that produces these files to store data in any way they want, so the interpretion of all types contained are not known. What I would like to do is to browse through these types, interpret the common types, and expose a sort of memory editor for unknown types.

The basic rundown is that I have a byte buffer which I am going to manipulate through a user interface.

I am looking for some user controls for .net which hopefully has done this already. If not, I suppose I'll have to write my own. Please send me links to existing assemblies

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He is looking for a 3rd party module to help him with a specific task - and that task sounds like programming to me! –  Treb Oct 15 '08 at 11:14
Yes - I have tried google. All I found was articles on memory debugging, memory editing software.. All but what I wanted. –  Statement Oct 15 '08 at 11:16

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This project claims to have a reusable hex editor component: Be.HexEditor - that would probably be the best way to edit random binary data.

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NIce find. Have you used this control? –  Mitch Wheat Oct 15 '08 at 11:10
This looks exactly like what I need. Will try it ASAP. Many thanks! –  Statement Oct 15 '08 at 11:17
Works like a charm! –  Statement Oct 15 '08 at 11:32
Never used it - google helped :) –  VolkA Oct 16 '08 at 8:56

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