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I have written a web-application where users can create svg elements with text. I want to simulate contenteditable elements inside the svg elements, so that users can dynamically edit the content of the svg elements. That is, when a user clicks on one of these elements, a cursor should appear so that the text can be edited. I do not want to use foreignobject to achieve this, since this is not supported by IE. I couldn't find anything useful about this online, so is there any way to do this?

EDIT: To clarify, here is an example:

    <rect width="192" height="192" style="stroke-width: 3; fill:red"></rect>
    <text x="30" y="20">A sample text</text><!-- when the user clicks on this, it should be editable-->
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Here's an example:

<div contenteditable="true">
        <circle cx="10" cy="10" r="5" fill="green" />
        <text y="2em">Hello world</text>

Works in Opera 18, Chrome 33, Firefox (Nightly) 28 and IE9. Probably works in earlier versions of Opera, Chrome and Firefox too, not quite sure how far back though.

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Thanks for the answer. This does not seem to work for nested SVG though, e.g. when I want to edit content in a circle which is itself contained in another svg-element, for example a g-element. The cursor is also placed badly on chrome 31, but I should be able to work around that. – Guido Passage Dec 9 '13 at 15:41

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