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I'd like to customize database connection in Pylons application. I'm interested in changing these arguments:

  • pool_size
  • pool_recycle

In SqlAlchemy the arguments are passed to *create_engine* call, like here:

How can I change those params in Pylons?

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you should be able to do it right in your ini file, it's been a while since I did pylons but IIRC, assuming you said yes to the sqlalchemy question when you created the project, all items prefixed with "slqalchemy." are given as keywords to the engine_from_config method in sqlalchemy. see the config/ file for more.

sqlalchemy.url=<your db connection info>
sqlalchemy.pool_size= ??
sqlalchemy.pool_recycle= ??
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You're definitely right. I found it is documented here:… and even there is a note about 'mysql server has gone away' which is the reason i wanted to change that. – xliiv Dec 8 '13 at 10:26

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