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I am in the process of testing a small system.

It is very time consuming each time I make a change because I need to:

  1. Start 4 Erlang Nodes/Vms with specific names
  2. Run a single line of code on each of them
    • messenger:start_server().
    • messenger:start_router().
    • messenger:logon(steven).
    • messenger:logon(dave).

Each one of those lines is executed on a different node.

Is there anyway I can automate things? I was looking at boot scripts but I cannot find anything that is simple and relative to me

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You can try to create simple bash script:

#! /bin/bash

mkdir -p /tmp/$NAME
run_erl -daemon /tmp/$NAME /tmp/$NAME erl -sname $NAME -eval "ok = messenger:start_server()"

mkdir -p /tmp/$NAME
run_erl -daemon /tmp/$NAME /tmp/$NAME erl -sname $NAME -eval "ok = messenger:start_router()"

mkdir -p /tmp/$NAME
run_erl -daemon /tmp/$NAME /tmp/$NAME erl -sname $NAME -eval "ok = messenger:logon(steven)"

mkdir -p /tmp/$NAME
run_erl -daemon /tmp/$NAME /tmp/$NAME erl -sname $NAME -eval "ok = messenger:logon(dave)."

All output from node you can find in /tmp/nodeN directory. You can connect to the node with following bash command:

erl -sname 'test@your-host-name' -remsh 'nodeN@your-host-name'

You can find more info in erl man and run_erl man.

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This seems great and will be useful, however (I should have mentioned) I am developing on a windows machine, is it as easy as something like this? –  user1079404 Dec 7 '13 at 23:32
On Windows you can try erlsrv or start_erl for releases. –  sysoff Dec 9 '13 at 9:13

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