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I'm launching the NUnit gui from visual studio by setting the test project to start start nunit 2.5.3 as an external program. That loads the tests into the GUI but I still have to manually click the run button. Is there a command line argument that will have the tests run at the same time they're loaded?

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Specify /run on the command line.

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Help Syntax

NUNIT-GUI [inputfile] [options]

Runs a set of NUnit tests from the console. You may specify an assembly or a project file of type .nunit as input.

Options: /fixture=STR Fixture to test

/include=STR List of categories to include

/exclude=STR List of categories to exclude

/config=STR Project configuration to load

/noload Suppress loading of last project

/run Automatically run the loaded project

/runselected Automatically run selected tests or all tests if none are selected

/console Create console display for viewing any unmanaged output

/lang=STR Language to use for the NUnit GUI

/cleanup Erase any leftover cache files and exit

/help Display help (Short format: /?)

Options that take values may use an equal sign, a colon

or a space to separate the option from its value.


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+1 mostly because the nuint website is too slow to allow the lookup of documentation! –  Jonny Leeds May 14 '13 at 13:27

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