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On HTMl Action Click Dialog is opened and it renders a Jquery templatewith a table, teh table row has teh right click context menu functionality so when i first open the dialog teh view is rendered with the corresponding jquery scripts int int to dialog after doing sorting or any filtering the dialog is kept open , on sort a json call is made and the template is rendered, when i right click on the table row the context menu doesn't show , if i close and reopen dialog it is showing.

this is my partial view where i have the link

  @Html.ActionLink("Users","Index","UserSpace",null,new{data_dialog_id = "SpaceDialog", data_dialog_title = "Users"  })

            .attr("id", $(this)
            width: 1000,
            height: 800,
            resizable: false,
            modal: true,
            closeOnEscape: true,
            opacity: 75,
            overflow:false,`enter code here`
            title: $(this).attr("data-dialog-title"),
            position: "center",
            close: function() { $(this).remove(); }
            .load(this.href, {});

this is UsersView.chtml which im loading in to my Dialog on action click

This template is rendere in after the view is called and tis view is rendered to teh dialog UID NAME EMAIL {{each(i, value) WorkSpaceDocuments}}
${value.ID} ${value.Name} ${value.Email} {{//each}}``


on sorting just rendering only this template and it doen't give me right click context menu any help woul be apprecieated. i m trying to achieve this for two days tried googling adn tried most of teh different wasy but it doen't work for me . thanks

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