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How can I include my smarty variable into my external javascript file?


Above is my variable containg the path of my site and below is my javascript, i need to insert this variable in the '...' area of the image urls

var bgImages = ['url(../img/red.jpg)', 'url(../img/blue.jpg)', 'url(../img/darkblue.jpg)', 'url(../img/green.jpg)', 'url(../img/orange.jpg)', 'url(../img/pink.jpg)', 'url(../img/purple.jpg)', 'url(../img/yellow.jpg)'];
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Smarty is PHP, hence your JavaScript file has to be processed by PHP. –  Felix Kling Dec 6 '13 at 19:49
Just set the expath in a global javascript scope like var expath = '{$EXPATH|escape:'javascript'}'; later in your external script, you can replace the '..' with the var name ...var bgImages = ['url('+expath+'/img... –  sofl Dec 6 '13 at 21:14

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