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I'm working on someone else's site, and am trying to reference a value's ID in my HAML file, but I've tried every iteration I can think of and can't figure out how to do this. I'm trying to get the ID of a want, which belongs to a project, which belongs to a user. Here's some code from the projects model:

class Project
  belongs_to :user
  has_many :wants
  accepts_nested_attributes_for :wants

In another view, someone's written this:

  (id="project_#{ project.id }_wants")= render project.wants, :user => project.user

This returns an array of wants, which it iterates through. I was initially confused because the wants seem to have ids in some of the views, but when I tried referencing project.want[0], for example, that worked perfectly. My question is - how do I pass user(id of blah).project(id of blah).want[place blah in array] ?

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What error do you get and which line is throwing that error? –  Twitter handle jasoki Dec 6 '13 at 20:47
Sometimes it's not an error - when I try to link to project.wants("project_#{ project.id }_wants")), :user => project.user I get the bizarre URL localhost:3000/users/2/… It's like it's loading all the wants as one "unit" and assigning them numbers on the fly. Should I iterate through them? –  USK Dec 6 '13 at 21:26
The trouble is, I want to filter by the want ID, even if it's assigned on the fly –  USK Dec 6 '13 at 21:30
Further investigation reveals the wants are definitely an array. –  USK Dec 6 '13 at 21:33

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Assuming you know the user ID and project ID (we'll call them user_id and project_id), you can:

User.find(user_id).projects.find(project_id).wants[index of the want you want]


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