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While I am studying jQuery I encounter this code.

var allImages$ = $('img');

Can anyone tell me what does the $ sign mean in allImages$? does it refers to a function or it is part of the variable name? What if I use

var allImages = $('img');

Any difference?


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It is just a variable name, user might have added a $ to make it explicit that it holds a jquery object. – PSL Dec 6 '13 at 20:43
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There is no operational difference between your two lines of code.

The $ is just a programming convention that some people use to indicate that the variable contains a jQuery object. It's a hint so that a developer using this variable later on in the function will now whether the object is a DOM object or a jQuery object and will be sure to use the appropriate methods and it makes the code a little more descriptive.

The use of naming conventions like this is a personal preference as a coding style.

The $ is just a normal character that is allowed in variable names so it means nothing special to the javascript engine.

Here's an article on a number of javascript naming conventions (not specific to jQuery).

For some serious variable naming conventions see the Hungarian Notation that was popular at Microsoft for programming in "C" (I was not a fan of this one).

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Hi, jfriend00 and all friends who answered, Thanks a lot for the answers. – Shawn Dec 6 '13 at 20:59

No difference. $ is allowed in variable names. It's usage is only a convention.

But a common convention when using jQuery is to use $ to note that the variable represent a jQuery object, in your case a jQuery wrapped <img> node.

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