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I want to click the link, to get the radio input value then replace the text in the span with that value. http://jsfiddle.net/NY26v/

<INPUT class=width name=classname value=newclass1 CHECKED type=radio />
<INPUT class=width name=classname value=newclass2 type=radio />
<INPUT class=width name=classname value=newclass3 type=radio />

<A id=generate class=mainlink href="javascript:void(0)">the generate link </A>

&lt;A <b>class=someclass<SPAN id=classnumber>newclass1</SPAN></b> href="yourlink.html"&gt;your link&lt;/A&gt;<BR>



// when the link #generate is clicked
$('#generate').click(function() {
// get the checked value in the radio input group .classname
var cn = $("input[name='classname']:checked").val();
//  in the #classnumber span
var classnumbertext = $('#classnumber').text();
// put the .classname radio value
$('#classnumber').text("newclass'+ (cn)");

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you have mismatched single/double quotes on your last line of jquery. Assuming you mean "newclass (" + cn +")" ? You're also never using classnumbertext, get rid of it –  Matt Dec 6 '13 at 20:56

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Currently you are setting the text of the span to the following string literal value:

"newclass'+ (cn)"

That is, the actual letters "c" and "n" are part of the string, as is the single quote and the plus sign. To use the variable cn you need to put it and the + outside the double-quoted string, so perhaps you want this:

$('#classnumber').text("newclass" + cn);
// OR
$('#classnumber').text("newclass (" + cn + ")");
// OR

Demo of each: http://jsfiddle.net/NY26v/2/, http://jsfiddle.net/NY26v/4/, http://jsfiddle.net/NY26v/3/

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Thanks both, jsfiddle.net/NY26v/7 –  Gord Dec 6 '13 at 21:41

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