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I would like to create a website (non commercial) for fun. After lot of thought, have decided to go ahead with Rails & Java (in the backend). The main challenge I am facing is with the UI - am not an expert - can work on Html/Css/Javascripts however it would take me much much longer and this is my bottleneck.

I am leaning towards Dreamweaver to build the UI. My question is - will using a tool like Dreamweaver really help me - an armature in UI to create a small web site or am I better off diving deep into CSS/JQuery-UI and then start coding...

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As far as i know using UI needs little bit of knowledge of code. I assume you don't know server side script so i would suggest to go thru some of those. There are many tutorial in the web have a read use the forum to get help. If you have minimal understand of coding then using you can choose what way you want to go. Hope thats helps. Cheers! –  CannotFindSymbol Dec 7 '13 at 11:29

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In my opinion, drop dreamweaver. You should go look at Bootstrap. It's a very easy to use framework that will assist you in creating your own website from scratch. It's amazingly simple to use and has many jQuery plugins pre-packaged and ready to use.

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Thank you - I will look into Bootstrap –  user1339772 Dec 6 '13 at 22:37

I second Henry. But if you're new to frontend design; also something to note is the power of tools like chrome inspector to pick it all apart. It's a great way to quickly develop, but also by simply exploring, you'll find yourself learning it all very quickly.. But there's still a lot to learn.

Plus if you're looking into rails, dreamweaver just doesn't fit into the workflow. But then again, I can't imagine dreamweaver fitting into any workflow.

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