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Facebook has a nice way to preview powerpoint files.. It goes to a microsoft link, e.g. link. You can browse the presentation etc, all very nice and useful for the user and Facebook.

However, I cannot find any sort of API doing that with microsoft.

I found this blog post, which is kindof what I want, but its not referencing any API that I can use to produce this programmatically.

I have a website which users can store files (also powerpoint presentations) and would like them to be able to preview it.

Has anyone got any experience with this? Preferably not going through microsoft route (if possible)..

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Hi ! @matejkramny Could you please to explain what is your architecture in backend and your experience in the front-end with this API? –  inane May 4 at 8:59
Hi @inane I was developing a service for meetings and one of the features was a dropbox. To open files there, most specifically office files, i was searching for api's etc that can open them. I found a solution through facebook. See how facebook opens word documents etc. You must make a public url for the file and pass that as query parameter to ms office 365 –  matejkramny May 4 at 12:30
OK!! great! but if you need to save in determinated extension? for example ppt. and so on.. –  inane May 4 at 12:57
Yh thats fine. Office can open that –  matejkramny May 4 at 12:58
So, you save a document for example with the extension ppt in Javascript from a screenshot (for instance) and after open with Office right? –  inane May 4 at 13:00

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