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I'm using emacs to edit markdown file and I wanna display the inline formulas in the markdown mode. I thought org-preview-latex-fragment is a good idea, but there're some problems:

  1. It's slow.

  2. I cannot use the org-preview-latex-fragment directly, I have to launch org-mode at first and until then the org-preview-latex-fragment can be seen and used.

  3. The effect of org-preview-latex-fragment is whole buffer. Sometimes I just want to display the formula at a single point.

  4. And When I'm using org-preview-latex-fragment in markdown-mode, I cannot cancel the preview anyhow.

Is there a workaround or enhancement? Thank you so much!

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Not sure about 1, 2 and 4. But for your third question:

If you place your cursor within a LaTeX fragment C-c C-x C-l org-mode will preview just that equation. If you move your cursor to a text area, it will preview the entire buffer.

You can read more about this is the documentation.

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