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I'm using fancybox, and it seems that many people who use it disable zooming of any kind on mobile devices. The problem is that when I have a fancybox open, completely zoom in while the fancy box is open, completely zoom out, and then close fancybox. When I scroll the body, depending on the direction of the scroll, there is a lag where a top section or bottom section is chopped off, and then revealed after a split second delay.

I found out that removing the position fixed style from the overlay removes the issue. I also saw that on caniuse.com that fixed positioning only has 6% support, including iOS 7.

Are there any workarounds that can fix this issue with fancybox? Thanks.


I found this other SO question, that might help for reference: CSS "position: fixed;" into iPad/iPhone?

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On your div put:

overflow-y: scroll;
-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;
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