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I am using the Slim framework to list a bunch of fighters, boxers approx 1,700; I have been able to do a very basic RESTful controller to display a list of fighters in JSON format.

I wish now to use the same RESTful controller to display an image, served via the RESTful API; but I'm not familiar with REST all that much and I'm not sure if I have to do something different to serve an image with REST or if its just "display the image".

Further, I do not know how to prove that my file is RESTful or not.

// Force header to be JSON
$app->response()->header('Content_Type', 'application/json');

// Should really cache this, as its a bit slow right now
$app->get('/api/v1/fighters/', function () use ($app) {

    $fighters = R::find('fc_fighter');

    if ( (sizeof($fighters)==0) || (is_null($fighters)==1) ) {
        echo json_encode("No records found");
    } else {
        // create JSON response
        echo json_encode(R::exportAll($fighters));

 * Step 4: Run the Slim application

My query therefore is, if I want to serve images via the RESTful controller/API what do I specifically need to do? Is it different to how normal images are displayed?

Many thanks

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I've decided just to serve the images with the correct content type and just leave it as that

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