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Here you see a picture of a blue triangle. How can i make this with css. I can use a background image. Or how can i make it with CSS. Transform? The triangle is on the left by. But on the right is not. And it must be responsive.


Blue squere

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dude it's not tiangle , it's trapeze. And I doubt you can create it in css. Possible you could do with several masks cutting basic triange. But I see it wontwork in your case. – Szymon Dziewoński Dec 7 '13 at 13:23

I used one div and its after to create the lower part.

or this is better as it requires single element with no pseudo elements.

   height: 50px; 
   width: 0px;
   border-left: 500px solid blue;
   border-bottom: 30px solid transparent;
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